SMS from a homeless man
Posted by Sebastian on Mar 16, 2011
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If you are in Denmark, you can follow the life of a homeless man called Allan via an SMS service.

Allan lives on the streets of Copenhagen and subscribers to the service will receive three text messages a day, for two consecutive days.

One of Allan's messages reads: "I just woke up. Slept on a bench behind Flintholm Metro Station with my dog Little Piv".

The service is called 'SMS from the streets' and the idea is to offer a bit of insight into the life of a homeless person.

The fee is 20 DKK (4 Euro) and all proceeds go to a magazine for homeless people (Hus Forbi). The service is provided by SMSpress, which is a small publishing house specialized in providing text based stories via SMS.

To subscribe, text "SP HUSFORBI" to 1277.

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