Give a minute and change your city
Posted by Sebastian on Jan 28, 2011
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Give a Minute is an online platform that encourages urban residents to respond to questions posed by featured city leaders.

The platform is shaped as a virtual brainstorm session and ideas are visualized using Post-it notes in different colors (apparently, there is no explanation as to what the colors represent). To enable viral interaction, ideas can also be shared on Facebook and Twitter.

All ideas are reviewed by community leaders from the private and public sector and the best ones receive a personal response.

Give a Minute launched in Chicago in November, followed by Memphis. It will soon come to New York and San Jose. The platform is privately supported but it is not really clear how it is administered and how cities are being selected - or if the platform is open sourced for any city to employ and develop.

Don't miss the great video-intro on Vimeo.

NB. Interestingly, the navigation of the website is based on Google Maps (but without showing any maps).

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