FreeBikes: Socially responsible marketing
Posted by Sebastian on Nov 16, 2010
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Students in Denmark will soon be able to get a FreeBike - a bicycle, free of charge.

The bikes are sponsored by different companies and come with ads on them. When students sign up for a bike, they are asked to submit info about their studies and interests in order for companies to target their ads.

Biking around on a company sponsored-bicycle may not sound that attractive to most Danish students, but by doing so, they will contribute to a good cause. After a year of exposure on Danish streets, the bikes will be donated to students in Senegal and Ghana where long distances and lack of public transportation makes it difficult to attend school.

FreeBikes are set to launch in April 2011. They are currently in search of students as well as sponsors. 2005-2015 - Powered by Movable Type 3.31.