Generative Knitting
Posted by Sebastian on Sep 21, 2007
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Apparel combined with new media is often associated with 'wearable computing' and futuristic looking design. But the combination of the two can also lead to more conceptual results, such as the projects presented at the Campus 2.0 exhibition at the Ars Electronica festival.

'Struckmaschine' (Fabienne Blanc & Patrick Rüegg) is a knitting machine used to make scarves with unique patterns. The patterns are made of space-invaders and each pattern is automatically generated by the personal information on the buyer's credit card.

News Knitter (Ebru Kurbak & Mahir M Yavuz) is similar project that explore the potential of data-visualization. News Knitter collects and translates political news from the web into a visual form knitted into a sweater. The idea is to make sweaters that become evidences of a specific day or period.

Finally, 'GELSOMINA – The Voice Knitting Machine' (Hanna-Lisette Wiesener & Magdalena Kohler) is more abstract but at the same time, gives the user/buyer more individual control. Audio input (song, voice) is translated into a simple visual form to give a piece of clothing its own 'vocal fingerprint'.

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