Bullet Lights
Posted by Sebastian on Dec 09, 2006
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Archis.org has launched a blog about the architectural consequences of war.

The blog, called Unbuilt, serves as a platform for dialogue and sharing ideas for reviving the city and land after (and often still in) conflict.

An entry that caught my eye is written by Edwin Gardner who reflects about the presence of bullet holes in the buildings of Beirut.

Gardner looks at bullet holes from a different perspective and proposes a concept where the holes are replaced by lights. The idea is to reverse the meaning and experience of bullet holes and to introduce unexpected poetic moments of beauty, ambivalently mixed with the physical testimonies of violence.

It's probably not very realistic that such concept will materialize in a city where people have basic needs to worry about (survival, water, electricity?) but the idea is very beautiful and a lot more captivating than many of today's dark memorials and similar symbolic representations.

Related: The Light/Linien. Peace sculpture by Elle Mie Ejdrup.

Bullet Lights

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