Fighters + Lovers
Posted by Sebastian on Jan 29, 2006
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Fighters+Lovers is a new controversial brand that combines fashion and politics.

The Danish based company behind the brand, has created a range of t-shirts in support of PFLP in Palestine, and FARC in Colombia. For every sold t-shirt, 5 euros are donated to non-violent activities of the two organizations.

But if you're considering buying one, you might want to ensure that your financial support doesn't violate any national law. PFLP and FARC are both listed as terrorist organizations in the EU and US.

The Danish authorities are currently trying to figure out if they can take legal action against Fighters + Lovers. Meanwhile, the shirts are on sale, either from the official website or at a hot-dog stand in central Copenhagen.

Edit: Fighters + Lovers' website and operation was shut down about a week after this entry. They now face serious charges - February 2006.

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