Miba - Museum of Ideas & Inventions Barcelona
Posted by Sebastian on May 02, 2012
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Don't expect to see historic inventions at Miba (like the first light bulp or mobile phone). Expect up-to-date inventions, speculative and quirky designs and trends that make you think and laugh.

Apart from showcasing a wide range of ideas and inventions from all over the world, Miba also hosts activities that help people generate and develop their own ideas.

In a section in the museum called Mini Miba, kids are encouraged to make drawings of new ideas that come to their minds. Every month Miba picks the three best ideas and have them prototyped and patented in the kid's own name.

Another initiative is 'Flyday', which is a grown-up version of Mini Miba. On Friday mornings Miba's director Pep Torres facilitates a 45 minute brainstorm with companies and organizations looking for creative ideas and inspiration. A session is free of charge, but needs to be booked in advance.

Miba is located in a historic building in the centre of Barcelona. The museum is privately funded and opened its doors in 2011. Read more about their mission and vision in this PDF.


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