Music Made by Art
Posted by Sebastian on Dec 04, 2011
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Back in May the National Gallery of Denmark invited seven progressive musicians to create a piece of music based on their interpretations of an art work in the museum's collection.

The musical interpretations have been released one at a time, and now they are all available as an app that allows users to listen to the music, either at the museum or at home while exploring high-res photos of the art that served as inspiration.

Museum goers without smarthphones can borrow a handheld device at the museum. The app is in Danish but given the limited amount of content it should be possible for anyone to navigate and enjoy.

Music Made by Art features:
Giana Factory (painting by Abildgaard)
Stoffer & Maskinen (painting by Ejnar Nielsen)
Kasper Bjørke (painting by Valdemar S. Møllers)
Darkness Falls (painting by Casper David Friedrich)
Turboweekend (sculpture by Niels Hansen Jacobsen)
Thulebasen (painting by Jørgen Valentin Sonne)
Trentemøller (painting by an unknown artist)

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