Marketplace for young talents
Posted by Sebastian on Sep 20, 2011
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One last post from this year's Ars Electronica Festival with photos from the event "Marketplace for Talents" (Marktplatz der Talente).

Around 50 youngsters lined up at a long table across the central bridge in Linz crossing the Donau. The youngsters were all experts in a specific topic and they offered to demonstrate their skills and share their knowledge with people passing by. Areas of expertise ranged from "The Solar System" and "Transformer Robots" to "Drawing Stars".

An expert in: Animation

An expert in: Creative arts

An expert in: Web Comics

An expert in: Cirkus

An expert in: Yugioh

An expert in: Drawing stars

An expert in: Dragons

Two experts in: The Solar System

An expert in: Transformer Robots

It was a hot, windy and busy afternoon

Marketplace for Talents was probably one of the least electronic events at the Ars Electronica Festival - but also one of the most charming and humorous ones. The event was a part of the new u19 sub-festival "CREATE YOUR WORLD: Future Festival of the Next Generation".

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