Coloring Book with illustrations by 66 Danish artists
Posted by Sebastian on Mar 14, 2011
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Magisk Malebog (Magic Paint Book) is a coloring book that contains unique illustrations by 66 Danish artists from various disciplines such as music, film, fine arts and street art.

It was published just before Christmas as a gift-idea, and all proceeds go to Danish Red Cross relief work.

The book can still be purchased online - but be warned: if you buy it, it will present you with a couple of dilemmas. Do you really want to give it to a child - or do you want to keep it for yourself? And do you want to color in the illustrations - or do you want to keep it intact as a collectors' item. Hmm…you probably just have to buy at least two copies.

Magisk Malebog is produced by Lærke Hein (one of the creators of the once so brilliant Karriere Bar) and it is a result of the annual Red Cross project Klub 10 in which 10 entrepreneurial and creative Danes care challenged to create something unique for charity.

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