POKE Hack Day challenge: Make Our Community Better
Posted by Sebastian on Dec 14, 2010
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The creative folks over at POKE in London just held their second annual Hack Day, dedicated to R&D.

For a day, the company split up in competing teams working on the brief: "Make our neighbourhood better: Find something you would like to improve in the area and create a solution that can live online".

Teams had 24 hours + £100 to devise and build the most inventive and enterprising idea.

And the winner is.......The 100 Project.

The 100 Project is an idea for a fund, which supports artistic talent in east London. Local artists are commissioned to create a piece, which is then auctioned on eBay. The aim is to generate enough profit to put 100 local kids through a term at The Prince's Drawing School.

A website is already in place, and the first great piece of art is on auction.

Yes, it's amazing what can be done in a day.

www.the100project.co.uk www.pokelondon.com

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