FrogMob: Who do you trust with your personal data?
Posted by Sebastian on Dec 01, 2010
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Whenever we use digital information technologies - browsing the web, switching on the phone, using an ATM - small pieces of personal data are created and collected.

Data is currency - but what happens to it? What is it used for? Who can you trust?

The design firm frog Design is asking users to help them imagine what the future of personal data-informed experiences could be. Via their online research platform frogMob they are collecting user-submitted stories and photos of devices, brands and environments that users trust or don't trust with their personal data. So far, more than 200 photos have been submitted.

The frogMob platform is used by frog Design to crowdsource ideas and inspiration from users on various topics - or 'mobs' - formulated by a research team. The material from this and previous mobs is available at the website.

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