Fiat Mio: The First Crowdsourced Car
Posted by Sebastian on Sep 30, 2010
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The car industry is probably one of the most conservative when it comes to design processes, but now Fiat is trying to change that with their new concept car, Fiat Mio.

Fiat Brazil have created an online platform, where users can submit ideas for their own visions of the car of the future. Ideas are rated and discussed by community members and Fiat designers and engineers are trying to translate the best ideas into a new product - the Fiat Mio (My Fiat).

Time will tell whether Fiat Mio is simply a publicity stunt or a serious attempt to involve users as a real source of inspiration. The concept car will be revealed at an auto show in Sao Paulo in October 2010, but already now, you can see sketches and models online.

One of the people involved in the project is head of design Brazil, Peter Fassbender who has previously been involved in the development of iconic Fiat cars Multipla and Barchetta. You can watch him and other members of the Fiat team present the process in the video documentary "Making of", which is available on YouTube.

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