GreenPark Vegitecture: parking garage goes green
Posted by Sebastian on Sep 13, 2010
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Grey goes green in central Rotterdam where the Parking Garage Westblaak is being transformed from a block of concrete to a green oasis.

The new parking garage named Green Park will be covered with various plants and the structure is set to become the largest green facade project in Europe. Aside from looking pretty, the vegetation will help offset Co2 emissions, improve biodiversity and absorb rain water.

The project's main investor is Christian Stadil, a Danish buddhist, businessman and owner of the sportswear brand Hummel. The facade is designed by local architects, Kühne & Co.

Socalled vegitecture (vegetated architecture) is becoming increasingly popular, not only because of its environmental qualities, but also because it can turn ordinary buildings into urban landmarks. See for instance the BHV Homme fashion storein Paris, Arquitectonica's Ballet Valet Parking Garage in Miami and Edouard François' iconic Flower Tower in Paris.

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