127 Illuminated Windows
Posted by Sebastian on Sep 13, 2008
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A few months before the senseless events on 9/11, the performance-group eteam took part in the LMCC artist in residence program that had studios on the 91st and 92nd floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

On the night of March 29 2001, the eteam created a temporary light-sculpture using illuminated windows in the North Tower to spell their name in capital letters. To create the letters, they needed 279 'dark' and 127 'light' windows on 7 floors (from 89th to 95nd). The event was carried out in collaboration with 12 offices located on the respective floors.

During their stay, the eteam did another site-specific event called Quick Click in which they made photographic portraits of people in the studio from a helicopter hovering outside the building.

Related: MIT students already carried out similar window hacks in the 90's. See also the famed Blinkenlights project in Berlin, launched on september 12 2001.

127 Illuminated Windows

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