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Posted by Sebastian on Feb 10, 2008
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'Bubble Star at Home' is series of intimate punk-electronic mini-concerts that took place in private Parisian homes around 2002/03.

The concerts could be booked from a website and was performed by artist/singer Bubble Star (aka Isabelle le Doussal) who is perhaps best known as the lead singer of the French indie-rock band Prototypes that recently had a song featured in an iPod add.

Today, the home-service is inactive but there is still some evidence of its existence at the website of cultural production company DokiDoki. 'Bubble Star at Home' was performed, a few years before YouTube existed, which probably explains the mini-sized video documentation.

Related1: a few months ago, before giving a concert in Copenhagen, Marilyn Manson warmed up by playing a few songs in a small private apartment.

Related2: home-performances by SU-EN and Nuria Dina.

Bubble Star at Home

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