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Posted by Sebastian on Nov 08, 2007
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The winner of Mediamatic's El Hema design competition has been announced. First prize went to The White Room for their design Satellite Dish Sticker.

As previously mentioned, EL Hema is a humorous and slightly provocative project exploring what an Arabic version of the Dutch chain-store and superbrand Hema would be like and designers were invited to submit ideas for new Arab-Dutch products.

The winning design is a decorative add-on that enable people to pimp-up their uniform dull looking satellite dishes. According to the winner, satellite dishes are often associated with Arab countries but naturally the product is for anyone owning one

A shared second prize went to Eva Gonggrijp's henna-decorated dishwashing gloves and Nellie Keijzer's cotton pillowcase.

A list of all the nominated designs can be found here.

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