Trentemøller #2
Posted by Sebastian on Apr 29, 2007
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Last week, the brilliant Danish TV program den 11. time (11th hour) featured the bizarre story about a local DJ - Kid Kishore - who momentarily changed his artistic name.

It is quite normal that musicians copy each other's music but when Kid Kishore decided to copy the name of Trentemøller, a successful Danish electro-musician, things got interesting.

According to Kid Kishore, he merely took the artistic name because he liked it, not to hijack the identity of Trentemøller. However, that is exactly what happened. Soon after changing his MySpace profile to Trentemøller, Kid Kishore got an invitation to play at a club who assumed he was the original one.

Consequently, on the night Kid Kishore turned up to play he got rejected at the door. Although he never really claimed to be the real Trentemøller, but just a different Trentemøller, the police was called as the club apparently mistook him for a troublemaker. Fortunately the officers seemed to recognize the irony of the situation and nothing further happened.

To avoid confusion Kid Kishore is no longer using Trentemøller's name.

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