Thanks Anyway
Posted by Sebastian on Mar 25, 2007
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Thanks Anyway (Trotzdem Danke) is a hilarious short film by German artists Mischa Leinkauf and Matthias Wermke.

The film takes place in Berlin where it documents Matthias as he attempts to clean the windows of public trains and busses (and a police car!) while they stand still. He does not ask for permission but simply does it without explanation.

The free-of-charge service is generally not welcomed by those receiving it. Instead Matthias is - not surprisingly - met with hostility and bureaucratic suspiciousness.

Although the performance is focused on public systems, it exemplifies how we tend to react with mistrust when offered something for free by someone who has no other agenda than being friendly.

Thanks Anyway is on view through Apr. 14, at Eyebeam gallery in New York.

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