Bench in a fence
Posted by Sebastian on Mar 25, 2007
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Cascoland is a design project recently carried out in Johannesburg South Africa with the aim to encourage communities to become actively involved in shaping their public spaces.

One of the interesting projects to come out of the the process is a work by Bert Kramer and Jair Straschnow who designed a series of benches and chairs to soften the border between the inside and outside of a security fence.

The two designers - working on the inside of the fence - observed how local workers on the outside had nowhere to sit, thus having to lean towards the fence or sit on the ground.

Jair and Bert did not have a permission to put up anything in public space, so instead they came up with the idea of building sittable objects into the fence. The objects are simply pulled out when needed and pushed back in after usage.

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