RFID Audiobar
Posted by Sebastian on Jan 17, 2007
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RFID is often associated with highly practical and somewhat ordinary functions such as tracking and identifying products (e.g. consumer goods) as well as people (e.g. ID cards).

However within the last few years media artists have begun playing around with RFID and introduced much more creative and sensorial ways of using the technology.

One of these artists is Mogens Jacobsen who was recently commissioned by The Museum for Contemporary Art Roskilde, to come up with an new way of presenting the Museum's vast archive of sound-art.

From this brief, the artist created Audiobar (Hørbar), a physical bar-like social environment that enable visitors to interact with the sounds via RFID tagged bottles.

Each bottle in Audiobar is labeled with different keywords such as 'slow', narrative', 'noisy' etc. and by moving the bottles around, visitors can play sounds that match the keywords.

Audiobar is currently on exhibit at the Museum for Contemporary Art Roskilde Denmark.


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