Forget the film, watch the titles
Posted by Sebastian on Jan 14, 2007
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forget the film

The title sequence of a movie can be much more than just a trivial portion of credit lines - if used with creative sense it can effectively set the narrative stage.

Sometimes production studios invest so much time and creativity into designing these opening sequences that they become little cinematic masterpieces.

Just think of the legendary design by Saul Bass (e.g. Psycho, North by Northwest, Vertigo) as well as the opening sequences in more recent movies such as Se7en, Panic Room, Catch Me If You Can and so on.

The list is long and soon you will be able to get a better overview thanks to Dutch media platform Submarine Channel who has put together an online movie archive that consists of stunning title sequences.

The archive is not yet that extensive and the godfather of it all Saul Bass is not (yet) represented due to copyright issues - but the collection is growing and will hopefully turn into a comprehensive resource.

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