Armchair activism
Posted by Sebastian on Apr 08, 2005
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Back in October 2004 more than 250.000 people assembled at the Museum Square in Amsterdam to protest against the cut plans of the Dutch (right wing) government.

The turn-out was much bigger than expected, although many protesters could not make it to Amsterdam as the trains were overcrowded. Nevertheless, even those with no plan or possibility of showing up at the demonstration still had a chance of getting their voice heard.

An initiative called 'Demonstrate from your lazy chair!' made it possible for people to protest via a telephone number and a mobile phone connected to a megaphone at the demonstration venue. During the demo, 85 long-distance protesters dialed the number and shared their thoughts and opinions (including one person who apparently dialed the wrong number).

The demonstration format was organized by Sander Veenhof and Arjan van Amsterdam. 2005-2015 - Powered by Movable Type 3.31.