Nomadic container architecture
Posted by Sebastian on Mar 13, 2005
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Seattle based 'Team HyBrid', formed by Robert Humble and Joel Egan, is a collective of architects and artists creating what they call 'Cargotecture' - prefab housing that uses shipping containers as building modules.

By definition, the shipping-container is readily available with an infrastructure in place to transport it globally, which gives the containers an advantage over other modular structures in terms of cost and efficiency.

The mobile potential of the concept is well-illustrated by recent events in South Asia. In collaboration with NGO's, the HyBrid team was busy transforming containers into long-term-use in Sri Lanka when the tsunami struck. The work was momentarily put aside, with the team instead turning to designing mobile medical stations for the aid workers.

The idea of using shipping-containers as basis for habitable structures is not entirely new. See for a list of related projects. via Metropolis Magazine 2005-2015 - Powered by Movable Type 3.31.