How To Disappear Kit
Posted by Sebastian on Mar 15, 2005
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As a counter reaction to the increasing amount of sensitive data stored about individual citizens, students at the Danish School for Design in Kolding have developed a 'How to Disappear' kit

The DIY kit is enclosed in a video cassette case that can only be purchased from a vending machine. The case contains tips and gadgets that you need to fight the most basic forms of surveillance, including an instructional booklet that explains "How to blend in with a crowd" or "How to use invisible ink".

By following the simple instructions, anybody will be able to become nobody - the more you are willing to sacrifice the more you will be able to disappear.

'How To Disappear Kit' is a collaborative project developed by: Luca Dyrvang, Anne-Mette Poulsen, Kim Mejer, Louise Rosenkrantz, Lars Lyngstadas and Morten Just.

The Kit will be on display at the exhibition 'SAFE: Design Takes on Risk' from October 2005 at MOMA in New York.

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