Bio Jewellery
Posted by Sebastian on Jan 28, 2005
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BioJewellery is a collaborate design and bioengineering research project with the aim to create a ring of biologically engineered human bone tissue.

The project is currently seeking couples who would like to donate bone cells, ideally by removing a wisdom tooth. Subsequently, the cells will be prepared and seeded onto a bioactive scaffold. This pioneering material encourages the cells to divide and grow rapidly in a laboratory environment, so that the scaffold disappears and is replaced by living bone tissue.

After the cells have grown it will be designed as of a pair of rings, so that each has a ring made with the tissue of their partner.

So far, a prototype has been made using a combination of cow marrow-bone and etched silver. Interested in the real thing? Sign up at BioJewellery's website. 2005-2015 - Powered by Movable Type 3.31.